La Giostra


“La Giostra” is the first Blue Drama album, it contains 11 tracks, 10 actual songs and an intro that opens the album that was practically born in the studio, during the recordings.
It is not a concept album, there is no common thread behind these songs, it is a collection of ideas and melodies that came out straight away and on which the group worked, some reached their final form very quickly, others have gone through various stages and experienced many different arrangements and approaches.
What is important to say is that nothing has been studied, what has been written and played reflects the taste and musical background of the band.
Rock is like a long river on whose banks there are ports with different names and languages, Blue Drama have visited some of them and their experiences are contained in the songs of their first album.

Track list

1. La Verità
2. Quello Che Non Sai
3. Divina Antinomia
4. Il Mio Mondo
5. La Giostra
6. Il Sogno Infinito
7. Mi Sono Innamorato Di Te
8. Lasciami Andare
9. Asociale
10. Come Una Chimera
11. Spacca Il Tempo