The main concept of the album, as the meaning of the band suggests and following the trail of their previous demo is a furious scream in the face at this finance driven society, where money and few riches are ruling over all. But despite this critic and negative approach to the contemporary society, there is still room for hope. If people open their eyes, change their lives and world’s future.
But to achieve this we have to act as one.
– “Desire to fire” emphasizes destructive frustration which overwhelms us when we realize how useless and worthless are our actions and thoughts in contemporary world
– “Last Angel” is about the loneliness of fighting today’s situation. A modern Don Quixote who’s ready to fight back to back with anybody. But they have to take him as he is.
– “Gore” is about inadequacy to life. Life way too often squeezes people. Decisions taken above our heads and that rule our present. And we cannot control them. All that remains are rage and frustration.
– “Crust” is a cathartic track, it symbolizes the freedom of getting rid of the guilt for the present situation and self acceptance. The switching of the two voices creates a dialogue between who has the power and who is subjugated. But power exists only until the subjugated accepts it
– “Blackmoon” is a song for the World of Warcraft guild in which Andrea is playing. The few worlds of the lyrics are the “typical” vocal chat interaction during the most intense game phases. But it’s still about cooperation and helping each other, which is a key part of all the songs of the album. Cooperation is the key to change the world
– “Gore” it’s a dark album, and the lyrics are dark too, but it’s not pessimistic. Darkpools are still seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it’s small. This is the message of this album. Change is possible and it’s mandatory


01. Introborn
02. Gore
03. Last Angel
04. Desire To Fire
05. Black Moon
06. Crust
07. Outrodead