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  • Ghost Metal Night

    Tomorrow on stage at Villaggio Cultura Pentatonic Yattafunk – Lady and the Clowns – Massimo Canfora Details on the link Facebook event!!!

  • Rebis – Soundsgood

    Rebis on soundsgoodwebzine with interview. The band has been choice for the compilation “Deep Impact” made by Ghost Record Label, with the song “Mud And Silver&#8...

  • Zero – Before You Judge

    First playtrough for “Before You Judge” (Guitar and Drum Playthrough) song took from “Waves of Griefs, Seas of Regrets” Zero’s new album [Progressive ...

  • Yattafunk – Soundsgood

    Waiting to enjoy the band on stage, with a new live, jump on the link and read the last Yattafunk’s interview. Next Gig: Fridaythe 21th of June at Villaggio Cultura – P...

  • Ghost Metal Night

    All ready for a new Ghost Metal Night at Villaggio Cultura Pentatonic [Rome] Massimo Canfora – Alternative Instrumental Metal out with the debut album “Create Your Own ...

  • Daimon D. – InYourEyesZine

    Thanks to Inyoureyeszine for the review of “Clouds As A Shelter” Daimon D.’ debut album, available in digital format and cds on our store and via Crashsound Distr...


One song of the last album of our bands . You can listen some genre from the classic rock to the power metal, with a little bit of electro rock.Enjoy the sound just a simple click. Full album on the “Catalogue” page.

01. Aenigma – Beginning Of The end
02. Zero – Overwhelming Waves
03. Khali – The Core
04. Sankta Kruco – Glacialis
05. Yattafunk – Squirtnado
06. Massimo Canfora – Transmission
07. Kazah – Phoenix
08. L’ORA X – Animae
09. Niamh – Paracetamolotov
10. Daimon D. – Dream
11. Ru Fus – Mustang
12. Led Green – Planet Heart Destiny
13. Oigres – No Fear, No Truth


1. Beginning Of The End 1:23
2. Overwhelming Waves 2:17
3. The Core 4:00
4. Glacialis 3:44
5. Squirtnado 3:57
6. Transmission 5:33
7. Phoenix 3:07
8. Animae 4:22
9. Paracetamolotov 4:52
10. Dream 4:23
11. Mustang 3:19
12. Planet Heart Destiny 3:54
13. No Fear, No Truth 3:02

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Playlist [Official Video]

Enjoy our playlist with the official video of our bands.
Our playlist is constantly updated with new videos

ZERO – Before You Judge [Guitar and Drum Playthrough]
Sankta Kruco – Mother Of The Last Lycan [Official Video]                 
Niamh – Siberian [Official Video]
Aenigma – Falling [Official Video]
Zero – Waves Of Griefs, Seas Of Regrets [Official Video]
Sankta Kruco – Elemiah [Official Video]
Khali – Life [Official Video]
Massimo Canfora – No Right [Official Video]
Led Green – The Neverending Universe [Official Video]
Ru Fus – Enigma [Official Video]