Yattafunk was born in 2014 as a side-project for every member of the band but in a short time they release their debut album “Yattafunk Sucks”, powered by Ghost Record Label and distributed by Crashsound and Code 7, thanks to the energy they spread on stage too, that brings the band on everyone’s lips. The album receives broad support from the press but the band’s strenuos live activity creates a divide between its members: drummer and bass guitarist left, then brothers Funk Norris (vocals/guitars) and Arnold Funkenegger (lead guitars) immediately search to find their substitutes. But in 2018 basically the trail goes cold, the label is obliged to use Photoshop and publish some rehearsals photos to hide the truth: Norris and Funkenegger get arrested and led to Funkatraz penitentiary where they met Funkardo DiCaprio (bass) and Funkester Stallone (drums), future members of the band. The fabolous four pull a boneheaded escape, thanks to all the yogurt’s little spoons saved, that allow them to dig a tunnel to Rome. Now they are perpetually on the run hunted by CIA, FBI, forest rangers and parking attendants and at the end of every concert they immediately get in their cars not to be arrested again.

Alterntive Metal

Yattafunk Sucks [Album] (2017)
Escape From Funkatraz [Album] (2020)

Funk Norris: Guitar&Voice
Arnold Funkenegger: Guitar
Funkardo DiCaprio: Bass
Funkester Stallone: Drums