Toxi Faktory

Solid and heady quintet, Toxi Faktory plays energetic metal, mixing prog, electro or punk influences. Approaching the audience with hindsight and theatrically, the group stands out with eclectic and personal music mixing its edgy metal with the insanity of electro-industrial, all against a backdrop of gloomy and captivating atmosphere. Their universe so characteristic, drawn from the creation of an unhealthy tale of dystopian science fiction, allowed them to stand out, and thus access the best scenes of the New Aquitaine region. Since the experience of their 1st studio album “Massive Lies”, the group has continued to progress, starting to tour all over France, and refining their show, in particular thanks to a close collaboration with the L4AZ crew. In addition, various members continue to shine in eclectic and quality side-projects (The Sexy Lobsters, DJ Milvich & Feulaux, Zen’zolin …), thus bringing even more energy and various musical influences to the project. Toxi Faktory. From all this experience was born the desire to materialize a new album, “The Tower Below”. Thoughtful, mature, worked for a long time, his writing process really allowed to refine the presentation to the public of our post-apocalyptic universe. Imagined by Niko, Toxi Faktory’s universe is a sort of post-apocalyptic evil tale. Drawing his inspiration in particular from dystopian science fiction literature (Huxley, Orwell …), he put his pen to the service of the group to create, more than music, a sound story. Let’s set the scene: we are in 2025, when the Great Cataclysm, the third world war. Almost nothing is known except that it only lasted for a day and resulted in the total disappearance of all the world’s leaders. History is racing, many countries and organizations of all stripes start a race for a new world order … But they were all duped. Thus began the reign of the omnipotent Intox. He rebuilt the world in his own image by dividing the territories into three nations, all manipulated in secret, in order to redefine the human species to his liking and thus create a new humanity. To do this, he created Toxi Faktory, a laboratory which ensures the methodical coherence of the system, in particular by developing drugs aimed at keeping the population under control. “Massive Lies”, our 1st album, set the scene for the situation in 2130. With “The Tower Below”, we take you a little deeper, into the shallows, into the bowels of our universe … Are you ready for the descent?


Niko : lyrics & vocals
Tom : drums
Floguit : guitar
Adrien : keyboards, FX & choirs
Feulaux : bass & choirs

Massive Lies – Album 2016 ri-edition 2021
The Tower Below – Album 2020
Massive Lies – Album 2016