Sankta Kruco

Sankta Kruco is a Doom / Black Metal project created by singer guitarist Sal Kruco, a mysterious author of noir books who approaches melancholic and obscure music to give voice to his thoughts in defense of mother earth and always on the thread that divides the good from the bad. The lyrics of the songs he uses are mainly in Aramaic, Latin and arcane languages ​​that give more strength to the message of the author. The first album “Glacialis” was released in 2018 for the Ghost Record Label and was well reviewed by the experts. On the record they played, in addition to Sal, Isaak Kruco on bass, Lord Kruco on guitar and Jb Kruco on drums. An increasing number of supporters are now following the band who, to thank them in November 2019, published the “Primo igne, in fine hominis” suite in free download. The official videos of the band to date are: Foresta nigra, Elemiah and Mother of the last lycan (this shot with the great wolf Rey). Despite the heaviness of the sound of Sankta Kruco on the net you can find many live images of performances in acoustic where the songs do not lose strength and depth

Death Doom Metal

Glacialis [Album] (2018)

Sal: Guitar&Voice
Isaak: Bass
Jb: Drums