Yattafunk comes alive in early 2014 thanks to Funk Norris (Gabriele ‘SOLO’ Mangano), Funk Spencer (Andrea Proietti), Arnold Funkenegger (Ilario Mangano) e Jean Claude Van Funk (Alessandro Argentieri) as side-project band for everyone of them. The band will introduce you into a meltin’ pot of funk rock / funk metal (like Infectious Grooves), glory assured. In late 2014 Jean Claude Van Funk quits, Funk Pacino (Fabrizio Orlando) will be their new drummer. In 2015 Pacino is replaced by Funk Travolta (Francesco Proietti) on drums and the band decides to turn Yattafunk into a more important project unlike in the past. Moreover Norris and Funkenegger are brothers, while Travolta e Spencer cousins. Therefore, solidity of the band is unquestionable.

Yattafunk Sucks” is a new born baby, conceived thanks to the meeting of different musical genres from the biggest bands that this planet has ever seen. There’s a little bit of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Infectious Grooves, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and Grand Funk Railroad in its DNA, just to mention some of its influences. The genre proposed by the band can be defined as funk-metal, even if in every track you can identify a multiplicity of genres, sometimes even contradicting each other. Their album sounds just like a band teleported in the 70’s: no melodyne, no autotune, no triggers, no re-amp, no cutting between a note and the other, no keyboards and no fade outs. Their sound must be raw, unique, recognizable, exactly what you will listen to on stage, rough and true. A singular unavoidable project not to not to have the same sound and the same tones typical of too many emerging bands nowadays. Their lyrics don’t want to teach anything to anybody: they are absurd, ironic, extreme situations. They have no solutions about the problems that afflict this planet.

This is why Yattafunk Sucks!

Line Up:

  • Funk Norris (Gabriele Mangano): vocals and rhythm guitars

  • Arnold Funkenegger (Ilario Mangano): lead guitars

  • Fungardo Di caprio (Cristian Marchese): bass
  • Funkester Stallone ( Emanuele Tavani) drums


  • Yattafunk Sucks (2016)