He’ s a veteran of the music scene of Pisa, active since 1993, The bass player he founded the “Alcohol Flow”,he played in the 90’ies with Ganzi and Rozzi and the Zen Circus,then from 2000 with The Bugz and in various other projects,finally in 2009 he founded the “Reverberati” with which he has recorded “Combat Surf”. After the “Reverberati” dissolution and a second stint with “The Bugz” (is present in the fourth album), decided to make the first solo album to name “Ru Fus”,with the collaboration of singer giacomo bracaloni and drummer Raffaello Mallegni. The album entirely composed of “Ru Fus” is the sum of the passions that have accompanied him in his twenty years of artistic career,a mix of tastes ranging from hard rock to stoner rock 1970s-1990s. The style is divided between dense jam of ultrasonic stabbing guitar riffs,typical cadences of stoner rock and melancholy ballads sound inspired by seattle.

Line Up:

  • Giacomo Bracaloni: voice/cello

  • Emiliano “Ru Fus” Valente: bass guitar and guitar

  • Raffaello Mallegni: drums


  • Ru Fus [Album] (2015)

  • Tales [Ep] (2016)

  • In Fabula [Album] (2016)

  • Rebus [Album] (2017)
  • Vita Natural Durante [Album] (2018)