Massimo Canfora “Create Your Own Show”


Create Your Own Show is the first solo album by the Roman guitarist Massimo Canfora.Born from the natural need, after years of musical career, to publish an intimate product that summarizes the background and experiences gained in the long journey faced by the artist.Recorded in various studies of central Italy, from November 2016 to June 2018, Massimo has availed himself of the collaboration of many friends and well-known musicians of the Roman area. Produced by Max Rosati (Massimo Ranieri) and mastered by Alex Balzama (swift mastering, London), the album consists of 13 tracks including 12 instrumental and one sung, all entirely original composed by Massimo.The project will then be brought live by MC VISION, a band composed for the occasion for the complete credits and the list of participants see the card.



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