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Jack Brain is the main musical project by Giacomo “Jack” Casile as a solist. Jack is an underground musician from Reggio Calabria, active for many years with numerous
different projects. After publishing his first solo album in 2017 titled “Epic Spleen”, Jack decides to take a new musical path, recording a double work called “The Seeker”, a concept album inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” and Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman”.
Jack Brain’s last work is the second part of “The Seeker”. The lyrics guide the protagonist into an introspective trip into his mind: a kind of dialogue with his own inconscious, searching for his true self.
The protagonist is helped by the girl he knew during the first part of the story, in which he was searching for a light through the shades of life; the lyrics, in this case, created a sort of “mantra”, to help them getting through the obstacles and the insicurities that were enslaving the protagonist.
The album was completely recorded at home, using an acoustic guitar -that has been later effected- for almost the whole album.
Alessio “Lex” Mauro took care of the mastering into Teresa Mascianà’s “Lm” Recording studio.
The songs vary from ballads characterized by an ethereal atmosphere to more dynamic and complex tracks, passing through many different styles.


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