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Daimon D. – Clouds As A Shelter

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“Clouds As A Shelter” is an album which speaks about the human soul and its upsets.
Melancholy, love and mostly the discomfort of living in a world where it is easy to feel out of place.
It is a journey through thousands of people, with troubled loves, where the anger and the revenge alternate with resignation and introspection. It is a journey where the research of the inner equilibrium often becomes a dialogue The sounds follow the emotional vortex, going from the full and energetic sounds to sweet and melodic caresses sometimes hypnotics, which carry a warm and scratchy voice.
The album encloses the vortex of emotions which flow out from the mind’s and the heart’s confusion, that each of us has to face at least once in a life.

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2 reviews for Daimon D. – Clouds As A Shelter

  1. Liliana Maglietta Milan Cathyli Alvin

  2. Kelly Maglietta Napoli PeteEwv Glenn

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