In the Irish and Celtic mythology, Niamh (pron. [niv]) was daughter to Manannan mac Lir and queen of Tír na nÓg. (Wikipedia). We didn’t know it but all the coolest names were already taken. (Metallica, Linkin Park, DarkThrone…). So, here we are.
After one year of hard work in the rehearsal room, we introduce you Corax, our debut album. I am not here to make a list of influences and descriptions, as it’s pretty easier to give a listen. And, if I describe it, what would be left for you?
Why calling it Corax? Well, what a question, because all the coolest titles were alr…no, just kidding. Corax: obscure, poetic, noir. A touch of Poe, a taste of Goth. Very Niamh. Nevertheless our young age (well talking about the band, at least…) we have already received some good responses about our live attitude: both in Italy and in the summer festivals around Europe. And yes, soon we’ll start again hitting the road (ehi, don’t think bad) so check our Facebook once in a while, as you never know we are in town.

Who are we? Yeah, classy people:

Mike: Scream, growl & clean vocals, but this doesn’t mean he is schizophrenic. Ah, don’t tell him he gained weight.

Tommy: Loves Deftones and the guitar riffs where you don’t understand anything at the beginning. Don’t worry if you hardly hear him speaking.

Mateja: Annoying with his punk rock but he is not a bad guy in the end. But yes, if you have to meet him, tell him to come at least half an hour earlier. He is not so sharp.

Bellix: Listens and plays this and that, but he does his best playing blastbeats. Don’t mess with him.

We are Niamh.


Line Up:

  • Mike: voice
  • Tommy: guitar
  • Mateja: bass
  • Bellix: drums


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  • Corax [Album] (2017)