The lonesome heroes are born in 2017 in Rome,
from an idea of the singer / guitarist Stefano Bassani, immediately they chose their sound inspired by the 80s / 90s California Punk Rock and Hard Rock scene (Social Distortion, Bad Religion, Dropkick Murphys, Motley Crue, Papa Roach …) choosing however contemporary sounds and powerful distortions.
In 2018 they write and record the first studio album “A Bandit Story” which contains 9 tracks plus an acoustic song.
The Lonesome Heroes play in many local and events of the Roman underground, attracting the interest of the bikers community.
After some changes of Line Up and with the entry of the guitarist Massimiliano Rosano into the band the sound becomes more complete going from Punk to Hard Rock riffs.
In 2019 the Lonesome Heroes are invited to play at the 4th edition of Eternai City Custom Show, the most important Bikers and Custom Italian event.

Heavy Metal Rockabilly

“A Bandit Story” [Album – 2018]
“1984” [Single – 2018]
“Romance Is Dying” [Single – 2020]
“Don’t Believe Me” [Single – 2020]
“On Fire” [Single – 2020]
“On Fire” [Album – 2020]
“Too Late For The Grave” [Single – 2020]
“Cherry and Blood” [Single – 2021]
“Alive Again” [Single – 2021]

Stefano Bassani – Voice/Guitar
Massimiliano Rosano – Guitar
Daniele Sinistro (sinister) – Bass
Andrea Iannotta – Drums