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Francis Harbour – New Review

New review for “Reborn In Power”, Francis Harbour’s new album on . “Reborn In power” is available in digital copy and cds on crashsound distribution store and via Ghost Record Label store.

Francesco Farinola in art Francis Harbor is an artist who takes his first steps in music with the Cancrena project, making four records and as many concerts for the peninsula, and outside Italy.

After his first acoustic EP solo called “Invisible Storm”, dated 2018, Francis, decides to give life to the second job for the Ghost Record Label dated 2019 and entitled “Reborn In Power”. A work whose musical movements juggle soft nuances with particular melodic grafts as we go into listening.

The beautiful open track “Healing Flame” is characterized by a soft sound and delicate lines by means of piano and keyboard backgrounds, created by Alex Terlizzi. Melodic and melancholic “Dove and Crow” at the same time shows Francis’s good composing ability that reveals all his musical vein giving positive vibrations when attention is shifted on the six strings with short but effective solos.

A clearer sound, which seems to come out of the Alternative Stoner line that “Reborn In Power” has given us so far, can be appreciated with “My Toxic Friends”, a track made however particular by the voice of Francis crude and rough well supported from a carpet of keyboards that turns out to be a winner.

Appreciable the central part of the album with the song “Self Deception”, where the musicians enter into a simple but pleasant dialogue to listen with a rhythm section reduced to the minimum terms. “What A Bore” takes us back down to earth, restoring grit and adrenaline to the whole album with ballads and guitar solos that ignite the desire to dance as if we were under a stage.

“Reborn In Power” closes with a technical essay on a clean and rough version of a six string, managing to construct a simple and heartbreaking piece.

This second album offers relaxing and light solutions with the intent to infuse body and mind with a good dose of relaxation. Apparently an easy job both in the composition and in the structure, but not at all obvious. If you are looking for an escape from the usual aggressive and powerful melodies then here you are in the right place.