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Time: December 14, 2018 21:30
Location: The One Metal Live - Gobetti, 20062 Cassano d'Adda [Milano]
Event Type: Ghost Metal Night

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All But Face (Electronic Metal)

All But Face was born in 2015 from the idea of mixing metalcore with dubstep, inspired by groups like Linkin Park, Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria and the most modern artists in both genres. The group reached its stability in spring of 2017, with Fabio Riccó as singer, Andrea Chicchi and Gianluca Bolzoni on guitars, Vincenzo Ferrari on bass, Andrea Losi on drums and Matteo Losi on electronics. All But Face begun to record songs wrote up to that moment and started to play live, process that led to the publication of the first single “Steel” in September 2018 ( with videoclip on YouTube) . The second videoclip “Dark Angels” will be available on January 2019. Other music and other news will follow during 2019.

Flowers In Dark (Dark Gothic Metal)

Flowers In Dark project was born in July 1996 by Stefano (drums) and Lele (guitar), near Milano (Italy). The songs they compose in autumn-winter ’96 are a fusion of romantic-dark atmospheres and purely metal arrangements.
In February ’97 comes out the demo-tape in order to facilitate the search for components for live playback of songs and, above all, to carry on a close-knit group who agree in the musical choices of Stefano and Lele. In April 1997, the research ends and the formation of seven elements is achieved. We add Tommy (guitar), Teo (keyboards), Franco (vocals), Elena (vocals) and Andrea (bass).
In the summer of ’97 the first live shows begin well reviewed in local. In January ’98 the group has a great chance in a live music club close to Milano (Indian’s Saloon): to manage a weekly evening for their own concerts or other bands of dark, black, gothic metal & Co.
Throughout the year, there are about thirty concerts in the provinces of Milan, Lecco and Bergamo where the positive feedback of the public pushes the group to move forward. In the meantime the singer Elena is replaced with Elisa.
In Autumn ’98, Flowers In Dark finish the recordings of the mini-CD and in December it is published with the title “Here lies the fairy”. The reviews in the most famous newspapers, from Metal Shock, to Metal Hammer, to Rumore and Grind Zone, are very good.
The ’99 is a year of important live experiences, there are about seventy concerts. The most important is the event in Sant’Agostino in Bergamo that sees the band on the same stage with Anathema, Moonspell and Death SS. Between ’99 and 2000 Flowers In Dark recorded 5 new songs that will never be sent to newspapers or record companies, but that are still very much appreciated live. These 5 tracks are collected in an EP entitled “I made silence around me”.
The abandonment of Elisa in 2000 marks the end of Flowers In Dark. Continuous search attempts without result lead to a deadlock. Even Franco, the singer, a few years later leaves Italy. The group believes, however, in its potentiality and sometimes they want to try: in 2010, the last concert in Sondalo (SO) to “La Nocc” live club.
In the autumn of 2017 the group meets again, the research of a female and a male singer starts again. This time the research gives good results … Dielle and Nicola.
…Let’s start once again…

Aenigma (Symphonic Metal)

Aenigma are a Symphonic Metal underground band from Tuscany. The project was born in 2013 by Matteo Pasquini and Caterina Bianchi. After a few line-up changes, Lorenzo Ciurli (2014) and Valerio Mainardi (2016) were added to the band. They have released a Demo named “Aenigma” (2013) and two EPs: “Death Makes Free” (2014) and “The Awakening” (2016). Their last work was appreciated by many WebZine and was declared as the best EP of 2017 by System Failure.
They played in various clubs, mostly in Florence, Pisa and Leghorn provinces; sharing the stage with Bands like Vexillum and Kalidia.

Unsylence ( Electrocore, Alternative)

Unsylence is a musical project born in early 2015 with the initial intent of combining electronic sound with metalcore. “The impossible” recorded at “Elfo Studio” in Piacenza and mixed by “Adrenaline Studio” marks a new evolution of the band from the musical point of view, with a more powerful and at the same time current sound! In the last year the Unsylence have carried on the live activity sharing the stage with bands like Sonic Syndicate, Sienna Skyes, OneLegMen and for some time they are dedicating themselves to writing the first Full Lenght “In Your Hands” that will come to life in 2018 mixed by “Inverno Studios”.