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Time: July 05, 2019 21:30
Location: Traffic Club Roma
Event Type: Ghost Metal Night
Organized By: Ghost Record Label

About Tour

Live show of “Deep Impact” Compilation. This evening on stage

File Not Found – Maledia. Open the show Eravian’s band.

Eravian [Modern groove Metal – Lavello]

Line Up:
BASS – Giacomo Bernardo
LEAD GUITAR – Michele Tummolo
GUITAR – Mauro Gisondi
DRUM – Luciano Signore
VOCAL – Raffaele Corrado


File Not Found [Alternative Metal – Roma]

“File Not Found” could be defined as a metal band, but listening to their first album “Firewall”, it will be immediately clear that they are influenced by other musical genres as well.

Line Up:
Leonardo Meko: voce e chitarra ritmica
Luca Petitta: chitarrista solista
Claudio Buricchi: Basso
Marco Cinti: batteria e seconda voce


Maledia [Alternative Metal – Roma]

The Maledia Project – metal band – was born in 2000 from the creative minds of Mechanix (Drummer and Band Manager) and Maleun (Bassist). In 2001 Daniele (Lead Guitarist) and Marco (Keyboards) join the Band. Maledia began the search for a vocalist; Luana a young soprano singer who was classically trained and able to shift easily from strong operatic soprano through melodic pop to strong energetic rock style. For several years la band played a gothic metal style (influences Nightwish/ After Forever).

Line Up:
Mechanix: Drums
Daniele: Guitar and Vocals
Marco: Keyboards and Screaming
Maleun: Bass
Hedon: Guitar and screaming