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Deathtune, is an Iranian death-metal band which was created and formed in Tehran by members Farhad Zabolipour and Mohammad Nik. After making the first video clip and releasing it in 2010, Mohammad Nik left the band due to personal reasons. The next year, Saeed Ghediani joined the band as the Guitarist, then in December 2013 Shahram Tehrani was in, along with Babak Turkzadeh in October 2014, and they began to record and produce their first album.
Their first album named ‘InSanity’ was released in September 2015. The beautiful storyline of the whole album circulates around an alien creation entering the earth, then starting to face violence and harm by humans and therefore goes insane and seeks revenge.
After the release of their album, Farhad Zabolipour left the band due to personal reasons and the band kept on working on projects with the absence of a drummer for six months.
Eventually, Mohammad Mirboland joined the band in October 2016, giving the band an opportunity to go on with their plans.
Currently Deathtune band is recording a new album and performs live in Tehran from time to time.
In years 2017 and 2018 they had a couple of live concerts in Tehran which all of the tickets sold out and in one performance, more than 400 people attended. They try to be the best in their country.

Death Metal – Groove Metal

Original Sin [Album] (2020)
Insanity [Album] (2015)

Babak Turkzadeh – Lead Vocalist
Saeed Ghadiani – Electric Guitar
Shahram Tehrani – Bass Guitar
Mohammad Mirboland – Drummer