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Bioscrape – Artwork and Tracklist Revealed

Bioscrape - Artwork and Tracklist Revealed Artwork and Tracklist revealed for "Havoc", Bioscrape's new Ep. The Ep has been recorded at Real Sound Studio. Ghost Record Label will promote and distribuite "Havoc" in collaboration with Irukandji Booking Live Promotion. Tracklist 01.Havoc 02.Demise 03.Erase 04.Nil On Stage: ✔04/01 Hydro-Biella (with NODE) ☣16/02 Legend Milano (Release Party)...

Francis Harbour – SulPezzo

Francis Harbour - New Review New review for "Reborn In Power", Francis Harbour's new album on . "Reborn In power" is available in digital copy and cds on crashsound distribution store and via Ghost Record Label store. "Francesco Farinola in art Francis Harbor is an artist...

Innerload – System Failure

"Again" Innerload's new album online on System Failure with review. The album is available in cds format on the band's official store ( Enjoy the details below.

Daimon D. on Kristall Radio

Daimon D., guests ot Kristall radio studios to talk about their album "Clouds As A Shelter" published for Ghost Record Label, and future projects. The album is available in digital format and in cds on our store and via Crashsound Distribution.

Innerload on stage

All ready for the "38 Years of Rock 'N' Roll" at the Centrale Rock Pub. Innerload will be on stage with Fingernails and Crisalide. The band has released the new album "Again" [Heavy Metal], available in physical format . Link Event: ...

Niamh – System Failure

First review for "Supersonic", Niamh's new album on System Failure. The album [Alternative Metalcore] is available on the main digital stores. ...

Niamh – “Supersonic”

Out now Niamh's new album "Supersonic", on the main digital stores and via Crashsound Distribution. Ten tracks of electronic influenced alternative metal. Sharp, passionate, sanguine, acid, evil.

Francis Harbour – Cyranofactory

New review for "Reborn In Power" Francis Harbour's new album on Cyranofactory. Details below.

Oigres – Metalwave

"Psycho" [Alternative Metal] , Oigres' debut album online on Metalwave with review. The album is available in digital format on our store. Thanks to Metalwave!!

Francis Harbour – Soundsgood Webzine

New interview for Francis Harbour on Soundsgood Webzine. "Reborn In Power" is the debut album available in digital format and cds. Details on the link