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Francis Harbour – Soundswaves

✔ Francis Harbour - Soundswaves ✔ Thanks to soundwaveszine for the review of "Reborn In Power" [Alternative Grunge Rock], Francis Harbour's new album, available in digital format and cds on our stores and via crashsoundistribution.

Smokink Tomatoes – Rock Hard

☣ Smokink Tomatoes - Rock Hard ☣ "Make The Choice", Smoking Tomatoes new album online on Rock Hard with review (7) The album has been released in digital format and will be availabel in cds soon. ☣ Preorder your personal copy ➣ ...

Niamh – HeavyMetalManiac

✇ Niamh - HeavyMetalManiac ✇ Thanks to HeavyMetalManiac for the review of "Supersonic" [Alternative Hardcore] , Niamh's new album available in digital format on our store and on the main digital stores.. Soon more details about the tour of the band. Stay Tuned - Stay Niamh !!

Smoking Tomatoes – System Failure

☣ Smoking Tomatoes - System Failure ☣ Thanks to System Failure for the review of "Make The Choice" , Smoking Tomatoes' new album. We remind you that the preorder for the album is still open till the 13rd of February.

DEAtHtUNE – DeathMetal From Tehran [Iran]

☠ DEAtHtUNE - DeathMetal From Tehran [Iran] ☠ We are proud to announce a new entry on our roster for DEAtHtUNE. The band will release next month in digital format the new album "Original Sin" [Death Metal / Groove Metal]. Available on our Bandcamp store the entire album...