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Francis Harbour online on Musictraks

"Reborn In Power", Francis Harbour's debut album online on Musictraks with review. "Reborn in Power" is centered on the concept of inner rebirth , forced passage  to regain mental stability and physical balance. Invite the listener not to fight reality  but to welcome it and observe it in order to perceive its positive aspects, which are kept hidden  from our worst enemy that is the mind, and not to fall into the illusion of the past or the future. The album is available in digital format and cds on our store and via Crashsound Distribution. ...

Massimo Canfora ready for the Mini-Tour

Massimo Canfora will be in Croatia for a Mini- Tour where he'll play the debut album "Create Your Own Show". The album is available in digital format on the main digital stores, online and cds via Crashsound Distribution and on the our store. 24.10. - Metal Club...

Francis Harbour – System Failure

Thanks to System Failure for the review of "Reborn In Power" Francis Harbour's debut album. You can get your personal copy on our store or via Crashsound Distribution. "Reborn In Power" is also available in digital format on the main digital stores.

Zero on stage with Ultima (Headliner)

Saturday the 05th of October Zero's band will be on stage as supporter for the "Meritamun Release Party" with Ultima (Headliner) and other guests! Soon more details about the Est European Mini-Tour for Zero and Ultima.   ...

Daimon D. – SoundWavesWebzine

Thanks to soundwaveszine for the interview at Daimon D. . The band will be online at PWR Radio for an interview. "Clouds As A Shelter" is the debut album availabel in digital format and cds.