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DEAtHtUNE – “Original Sin” On Spotify

☠ DEAtHtUNE - "Original Sin" ☠ "Original Sin" [Death Metal – Groove Death] , DEAtHtUNE's new album out on the main digital stores. Tracklist 01.Intro 01:49 02.Inundation of Truth 05:12 03.Human Puppet 04:22 04.Original Sin 06:14 05.The Flagellant, a Psychopath 05:34 06.A Planet of Overlords 05:36 07.The Sacred Quisling 05:37 08.Ambiguous Salvation 06:02 Line up – Babak...

DEAtHtUNE – MusicOn

☠ DEAtHtUNE - MusicOn ☠ First review for Deathtune [Death Metal from Iran] on Musicon with the album "Original Sin" available in digital format on the main digital stores from the 20th of February. Enjoy the streaming on Bandcamp ➣

Smoking Tomatoes – Streaming of the month

🍅 Smoking Tomatoes - Streaming Of The Month 🍅 Enjoy the Smoking Tomatoes'new Ep "Make The Choice" as streaming of The Month on Soundsgoodwebzine "Make The Choice" is available in digital format on the main digital stores. ☣ Pre-Order you personal copy [Till the 13rd of February] ➣

Niamh – Noirocker

✇ Niamh - Noirocker ✇ New review for "Supersonic" Niamh's new album on Noirocker. "Supersonic" is available in digital format on the main digital stores. ☣ NEXT GIGS ☣ ➣ Saturday the 15th of February The One Metal Live [Milano] ➣ Saturday the 29th of February Vecchio Mulino [Biella]

Smoking Tomatoes – Wezla

✔ Smoking Tomatoes - Wezla ✔ Thanks to Wezla for the review of "Make The Choice" Smoking Tomatoes' new Ep. Still available the pre-order on our stores or via Crashsound Distribution. "Make The Choice" will be in store from the 13rd of February