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Niamh – MusicInABox

Thanks to musicinabox for the review of "Supersonic" Niamh's new album [Alternative Electro Metalcore]The band will release the new video "Universe", saturday the 25th of July."Supersonic" is available in digital format on the main digital stores. ...

Bioscrape on Metal Hammer Compilation [Portugal]

"Demise" , the song took from the Bioscrape's new Ep has been insert on the new compilation made by Metal Hammer [Portugal]. We remind you that you can get your personal copy of the Ep in cd on our official store and on the main digital...

Smoking Tomatoes On Stage

Tomorrow evening Smoking Tomatoes on stage at Carsoli for the last round for Sanremo Rock. The band has released the new Ep "Make The Choice" [Alternative Hard Rock] available in digital format on the main digital stores e in cds format on our store.

Niamh – Soundsgoodwebzine

"Supersonic", Niamh's new album out on Soundsgoodwebzine with review. The album [Alternative Electro Metalcore] is available in digital format on the main digital stores.The band, will release, Saturday the 25th of July, the new video for "Universe" the song included on the album.

Smoking Tomatoes – MusicInABox

Thanks to MusicInABox for the interview at Smoking Tomatoes. The band has released in cds and digital format the new Ep "Make The Choice". More news is coming. Stay Tuned!!