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Bioscrape [Alt Groove Metal]

Bioscrape were born in June 2006 with the strong purpose of creating a very solid project, both in terms of music skills and human aspects. Their idea was to produce a kind of music beyond a single genre, blending multiple musical influences into an “mix” of original high impact sounds.
In 2007, after composing their first songs, Bioscrape recorded their homonymous demo-cd which obtained very good reviews by specialized Italian and European entities. This first record was followed by many live shows in a variety of contexts.
In 2009, they went back to recording studio and produced “AlienHate” promo-cd — four tracks that demonstrated the band musical evolution by conveying its full potential. AlienHate gave the expected results when, in 2011, Bioscrape recorded “EXP.01” their first full length album at Real Sound Studio in Parma in the next year the band signed a recording contract with Overdub Recordings.In 2014 are the protagonists of a succesfull tour in East Europe after the tour the band returned at RealSound studio to record the second album “Psychologram” that will be out in 2016 and the video of the title-track.
In Autumn 2016 the collaboration with Overdub recordings has ended, Bioscrape have a new member on electronics and synth bass ! This represents a big step forward for the project. They played in a Russian tour in spring 2017, the third album out in October 2018 while the third album “The Cage” was released in October 2018 and is available on bioscrape.net and on the main web platforms.The band will continue the promotion with several live concerts the new work throug the collaboration with the management and booking agency Irukandji. The BIOSCRAPE have recently signed for the Ghost Record label for which the new EP “HAVOC” will be released, recording in November at Real Sound Studio.

Alt. Groove Metal

BIOSCRAPE [demo cd] (2006)
AlienHate [promo cd] (2009)
EXP.01 [album] (2013)
PSYCHOLOGRAM [album] (2015)
THE CAGE [album] (2018)

V Drums
J Vocals
S Guitar
E Synth bass/Keyboards/Efx