BIOSCRAPE is an alternative groove metal band from Biella (IT), that was born in 2006.
BIOSCRAPE’s sound is a mixture of genres, from Thash metal, to Nu metal and Hardcore. Scream and Growl voice glues the heavy sounding musical elements to the electronics sounds, reminding of bands like Pantera, Slipknot, Fear Factory and Lamb of God.
Live BIOSCRAPE offer strong-impact concerts.
Every BIOSCRAPE’s album has a concept, telling a different story in each studio work. Lyrics are concept-based.
In June 2006, V and Sandro Smeraldo create a band with the purpose of having a solid and professional project, both under the musical and human aspect. The aim was to create a band with its own sound, not classifiable in a single genre and in which every member could feel free to bring his musical influences, in order to build a real original sound. BIOSCRAPE were born. A few months later, the first songs were written, so the band decides to join the “That’s Life” music contest. With the original sound and the great impact, BIOSCRAPE reach the final and win the second prize. From that moment on, the band aroused interest in the underground metal scene.
After writing some new songs, the sound identity of the band takes shape thanks to the new guitar parts, unusual in the genre, inspired by some artists like Tom Morello, Dimebag Darrell and James Shaffer. BIOSCRAPE decide to record their first self-produced demo called “BOSCRAPE”, recorded at the “Fonderia Musicale di Vigliano” with Andrea Debernardi. Thanks to the success of the single “Empty Day”, BIOSCRAPE could sign their first agreement with a promotion agency. This collaboration let the band achieve some good reviews in Italy and Europe (Metal Maniac, Rock Hard). “BIOSCRAPE” was promoted with many concerts in different venues (also at the prestigious “Anfiteatro di Sordevolo”) in which the band gained approval from the spectators.
The band isn’t satisfied yet, BIOSCRAPE write new songs and decide to employ all their resources to record an album that could describe all their possibilities and talent.
In Spring they go again to the “Fonderia Musicale” studios, relying on Marco Barusso (Lacuna Coil, Cradle of Filth) for the production, to record “AlienHate”. Talking about science and aliens, this is the first concept album of the band.
Inside “AlienHate” there’s one of the most felt band’s songs: “Radiophobia”. This song tells about Sandro’s personal experience with radio-therapy. Since then, BIOSCRAPE decide to write only concept albums.
At the end of the year, the band breaks up with the bassist Marco Menegon, replaced by Luca Fraire.
In this year the band faces his worst time: Sandro (co-founder, front-man and friend) passed away. Going beyond this moment, the band decide to continue (that was Sandro’s will) with a new singer, Jack, who brought new ideas and aims in the project. After a number of songs for a professional production, the band goes to Parma, at the Real Sound Studios, to record their first LP “Exp.01” (concept album based on chemistry bounded to human nature) produced by Wahoomi Corvi. BIOSCRAPE sign their first discographic agreement with “Overdub Recordings”. At the end of the year, the guitarist Federico Bolis leaves the band, replaced in 2012 by band’s friend Simo.
BIOSCRAPE, for the first time, go abroad for an Eastern-Europe tour. This experience let the band play in many cities and capitals, earning success and approval from spectators and insiders. A few weeks before the tour, bassist Luca Fraire leaves the band. BIOSCRAPE quickly finds another bassist, Paolo Cagnoni, so that the tour can begin.
Back from the tour, the band takes some concerts in Italy. At the end of the year, BIOSCRAPE return to the “Real Sound Studio” to record their second LP “Psychologram” (concept album based on Space and an hypothetical bond between our world and an aliens’ one), also produced by Wahoomi Corvi and licensed by “Overdub Recordings”. The band also realizes a musical video for the title track, at the “Acme Studio” in Raiano (Abruzzo).
The collaborations with “Overdub Recordings” and the bassist Paolo Cagnoni come to an end. The band signs a short-term contract with “Volcano Records” that ends immediately.
The band takes a great decision which will lead BIOSCRAPE to a turning point for their sound and line-up: leaving a real electric bass and replace it with a synth bass, played by someone that can also play keyboard parts and EFX. They find what they are looking for in Emanuele, young and talented keyboard player. With him, the band stabilizes, as never before, both on the musical and the personal side, making a step forward in the overall quality of the band.
Bioscrape takes part at the “Scraping Tour” – in Russia – that leads the band to play in many cities among which Moscow and St. Petersburg, giving people some incredibly powerful shows, confirming their good choices in terms of line-up. Back from Russia, BISCRAPE starts to write new songs.
The quality of the new material is excellent, so the band decides to realize a new album (without a discographic agreement). Recorded at the “Real Sound Studio”, BIOSCRAPE’s third LP “The Cage” is a concept album about phobias: each track describes a different phobia in which the band increases and discovers new sound possibilities, like in “Phobia”.
BIOSCRAPE in 2019 signed a two-year contract with “Irukandji Booking Live Promotion”. In 2020 they bonded with Ghost Record Label, which licensed worldwide BIOSCRAPE’s new EP “Havoc”. This EP, despite it’s a four-tracks-EP, has a concept that tells the steps of an hypothetical apocalypse. “Havoc” is a prelude of a new LP, with a new concept, on which the band is still working, and it will be recorded in 2022. In 2021 Emanuele quits the band due to severe personal and health problems.
The project goes on in trio with Jack,Simo and V. At the Moment they are working on the new album that will be published by Ghost Record Label.

BIOSCRAPE’s style is a powerful and original mix of genres like Thrash Metal, Groove Metal, Hardcore, Industrial and Electronic Music. Other influences come from different genres, such as funk and classical music. Live performance and sound density are the highest expressions of the band.

V – drums – (2006-present)
Jack – lead vocals – (2011-present)
Simo – guitar – (2012-present)

Sandro Smeraldo – lead vocals – (2006-2011)
Marco Menegon – bass guitar – (2006-2009)
Federico Bolis – guitar – (2006-2011)
Luca Fraire – bass guitar – (2010-2014)
Emanuele Grotto Maffiotti – synth bass/keyboards – (2016-2021)


BIOSCRAPE – demo 2007
ALIENHATE – promo 2009
EXP 01 – album 2013
PSYCHOLOGRAM – album 2015
THE CAGE – album 2018
HAVOC – ep 2020
OBEDIENCE – single 2021
HELL OR REALITY – album 2022