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Artist: Playlist
Label: Ghost Record Label
Genre: Alternative Rock - Metal

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1. Bioscrape - Demise Download
2. Deathtune - Original Sin Download
3. Niamh - Siberian Download
4. Smoking Tomatoes - Hypnovision Download
5. Sankta Kruco - Glacialis Download
6. Oigres - I Am Download
7. Francis Harbour - My Toxic Friend Download
8. Yattafunk - Squirtnado Download
9. Led Green - Planet Earth Destiny Download
10. Innerload - Love Ain't Justice

About Album

One song of the last album of our bands . You can listen some genre from the classic rock to the power metal, with a little bit of electro rock.Enjoy the sound just a simple click. Full album on the “Catalogue” page.