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Artist: Niamh
Label: Ghost Record Label
Release Date: 8-1-2018
Genres: Alternative, Hardcore

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Album Reviews

I even hear a bit of Linkin Park in it. But that is me. But you find NIAMH at the quirkier end of things. Much twisting and turning. But to my greatest surprise I find myself liking this. Not that it will go on my top five “must listen to daily” list but it doesn’t hurt my ears.


No hay nada aquí que realmente me interese, salvo algunos riffs que zafan (“Paracetamolotov”) y la muy lograda versión de “Maniac” de Michael Sembello, que hacen que se retrase un poco la tarea de darle sin asco a la tecla “Eject”. Ya saben a qué atenerse.



1. Putting the fun in FUNeral Buy Track
2. The WOW effect Buy Track
3. Eat. Pray. Kill. Buy Track
4. Mrs. Fletcher's relatives Buy Track
5. My Antichrist Anaemia Buy Track
6. The Voices Made Me Do It Buy Track
7. Paracetamolotov Buy Track
8. Maniac Buy Track

About Album

“Corax” is the Niamh’s debut album. Eight tracks full of powerfull and energy. A great album where you can listen a lot of synth with the goal of to obtain a dark sound and a full-bodied.

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