Aenigma are a Symphonic Metal underground band from Tuscany. The project was born in 2013 by Matteo Pasquini and Caterina Bianchi. After a few line-up changes, Lorenzo Ciurli (2014) and Valerio Mainardi (2016) were added to the band. They have released a Demo named “Aenigma” (2013) and two EPs: “Death Makes Free” (2014) and “The Awakening” (2016). Their last work was appreciated by many WebZine and was declared as the best EP of 2017 by System Failure. They played in various clubs, mostly in Florence, Pisa and Leghorn provinces; sharing the stage with Bands like Vexillum and Kalidia. They have ended the recordings of their first Full Length and they’re next to release it.

Line Up:

  • Caterina “Erin” Bianchi: Voce
  • Matteo Pasquini: Batteria
  • Lorenzo Ciurli: Chitarra
  • Valerio Mainardi: Basso


  • Aenigma [Demo] (2013)
  • Death Makes Free [Ep] (2014)
  • The Awakening [Ep] (2016)
  • Into The Abyss [Album] (2018)